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Name the LYMMO Routes
Name the LYMMO Routes
What would you name the new LYMMO routes in Downtown Orlando?
Help spread the word. Encourage others to participate!
Name the LYMMO Routes

LYNX is adding two new LYMMO routes to the existing Downtown route to expand the area it covers, make it easier to get around Downtown and connect the SunRail stations with businesses and work places.
Mayor Dyer would like to give these routes names that reflect Orlando’s history, place or culture. Give us your idea or vote on the ideas of others. More Details »

About The Challenge

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LYMMO Route Name Challenge Overview


There are multiple ways to participate:

1. Submit an idea.

Click "Submit my idea" and give us your idea for a LYMMO route name.

2. Like and comment on submitted ideas.

For those who don’t submit an idea but still want to contribute, you can vote on the names of others. Your 'likes' will determine the ideas that get shortlisted for review by our panel of judges.

3. Share ideas for support.

Share submissions with your community via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to further strengthen your support for the idea.

Judging criteria

A winning idea will reflect the culture, history or sense of place of Orlando.


Our panel of judges will review the ideas and consider those with the most votes. Judges may choose not to use the submitted names for all three routes.

Important Dates:

  • Challenge opens: November 14

  • Challenge closes - last day for submissions: November 30

The City reserves the right to remove submissions that contain foul language or do not conform to the City’s social media content guidelines.

More Info:
LYMMO Expansion Map
LYMMO Study Website

The Winner

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